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to sort things out still prevailed ok and now it's time to meet the fact checkers journalists have found them in a tiny room at these guys' h.q. got it at the end of the day facebook's not so happy with that online policeman's hat so zuck in co are outsourcing the digital share locks i'm being serious that's what they call themselves who are let me check where they come from. linked to nato with their help thirty two suspicious pages have already been sorted out the big ship is not turned around overnight. but i think that the have now given some opportunity to work with them and i hope that in the months when we have at least three other platforms in that we will see. a willingness to collaborate with us to come up with a solution bravo and it's not just facebook or do one just as great one question though since already most americans head to social media to get their news when
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will freedom of speech ring a bell we talked to anthony bryan logan a political commentator who told us that if you have no liberal views you could end up being censored. it feels like the only people they have the right to speak out are those who agree with the leftist principles if you are against lefties ideology any kind of way they find a way to demonize you they call you a conspiracy theories they say it is you're promoting fake news we're coming more under the control of the corporations and a lot of these people who are in the government and corporations are kind of working together to colluding with each other any kind of extra regulation from the federal government will most certainly impact freedom of speech online there's going to be a battle to try and corral the internet back and kind of maytree media staff format where you get your news curated for you and you don't have any kind of dissenting viewpoints. according to
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a new poll the reputation of news organizations and the klein and found that more than a quarter of u.s. citizens think that president should have the power to close media outlets seem to be behaving badly has been on the streets of new york. the american media just can't get over the anime of the people label first slapped onto it by donald trump a little while back anime of the people i think crosses a line i think it's reckless i respectfully ask that and this is a phrase that has a long historic provenance it goes back to the french revolution it goes back to stalin to mouth when the president attacks journalists we question his motivation at this point you could dismiss the comments simply as media oversensitivity or bias against donald trump however whether it's media partisanship or trumps behavior it seems pretty clear that public support for freedom of the press is stark now at this point less than half of americans say they believe the mainstream
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media is working hard to engage in honest reporting now what's more shocking is that twenty six percent of americans more than a quarter say they believe that the president should have the authority to shut down any media outlet that isn't gauging in what they call bad behavior now it's not surprising that most of these media haters are republicans and it's no secret what outlets they want to shut down. do you think that's surprising to you do you think a lot of americans agree that the media outlets should be shut down i do i think those smart if you're smart and you have a good mindset where you see different things then you would know things like that obviously should be shut down especially if they're not telling the whole story that's a joke that's a joke once again this go back to page one freedom with the press led to him appearing to those twenty six percent mean that you know the constitution i'll be blunt i mean i don't think the pressure be closed down but doesn't mean we have to
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read it or pay attention to it i just block it out. i don't really know what their definition of bad behavior means if there is a clear definition of bad behavior i know maybe i do period. stephen moore of course if there are. some. that i don't agree with them and then maybe they should be looked at more in depth. in terms of shutting them down off you jerk reactions no i don't agree with it now seems that the first amendment is the first thing that many americans want to be amending. r.t. new york. the wiki leaks legal team has raised fresh concern over the security over the whistle blowing site's founder julian assange that's off to the u.s. senate committee looking into alleged russian interference in the twenty sixth in elections requested that he testify and we can show you the letter that was sent to the ecuadorian embassy were holed up inviting him to
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a closed interview and says the meeting can take place at a mutually agreeable time and place that assad has lawyers are extremely cautious as the u.s. is seeking to extradite him over his revelations he's a quick reminder of some of those. i know i. still. the touch the illo
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we're getting to the told. illo does the announce a collect any data from the millions of no surer legalese wiki leaks walks like a hostile intelligence sort of talks like a hostile takeover of service. we discuss the issue with m i five agent i need national she thinks the us going off to publishing classified information creates a very dangerous precedent. i'm sure that after seventy years mewed up in the ecuadorian embassy he wants to give his side of the story he does know exactly what
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happened he must be absolutely frustrated about the. the the lies and the missiles being created around russia gate so i can understand his temptation to give evidence even to a closed hearing which is difficult i mean the whole you know i thought ethos of wiki leaks is to be open and transparent and to bring information out to the public good so yeah it's a difficult one for him i think but let's bear in mind as well that you know putting aside wherever this information came from wiki leaks is a publisher it is a high tech publisher but it's his publisher in the same way that the new york times the washington post and the guardian has been a publisher of similar stories so if they're going to go after him as a publisher of embarrassing information for the american government then surely they have to go after the old legacy media for publishing the very same information and this is what the old legacy media should be standing up and speaking out
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against and fighting against because if we kill east coast because of these arguments then they are vulnerable to that is the end of our free media that's the end of our free speech so a new political party in south africa has by all whites from joining will have a look at why after the break. camera. roughly once the show and some will leave for the. videos and so on with the roughly stringing. you down more on string i don't roughly don't t.v. it's only natural that baby boomers were vote for policies that help i house price boom the stock price things and disenfranchised the bottom age groups but oh well.
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tough luck buddy get a job kids get a job. join me every thursday on the alex i'm unsure and i'll be speaking to us from the world of politics or business i'm show business i'll see you then. just one in twenty foster in moscow give back what you stole over a hundred years ago a tribe living on easter island one of the most isolated places on earth wants to negotiate the return of a sacred statue taken by the british navy and presented as
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a gift to queen victoria for the statue ended up in the british museum where do remains today. visitors to the museum if the statue should be retired. hosting an estimated eight million objects the british museum is one of the world's best known collections of art history and culture and often the subject a fiery debate about whether all chicks sourced during the british empire as colonial times should be returned to where they came from. the latest dispute ironically involves a statue called lost or stolen friend a fitting name to the indigenous people of easter island or trying to recover
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a unique figure taken one hundred fifty years ago and given to queen victoria who then gifted it to the museum this is reportedly being negotiated as we speak. the circumstances have changed and we heard that there's a possibility to discuss the stones return to chile with the museum and the british government the british museum attracts scores of tourists so it's not surprising the museum is putting up a fight claiming their better preserved under its own watch sometimes offering temporary loans as compromise but what do the visitors think let's find out through it early speaking i would say it should be returned i think it's a heritage says to stop history i can see both sides of the argument i can see arguments for taking away but i can also see the argument for just playing by guns be bygones i guess because it's all a kind we all kind of share the same history you ultimately rule interconnected we thought over this whole kind of colonialists british empire thing and stuff nice theory but it's rare and this museum is very well operated and very well known so i
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i think like staying here would be at infante church what do you think about the people who say well the argument is that you know the regional places where they come from those people need to. travel all the way here to be able to see some stuff that's you know sort of there is we took what they had in history and they're we're now showcasing it but i think they're their source and they're trying to say here for people to come gather and not to just see what they had in history of also what other countries have with people being able to see these things and maybe get them interested to maybe even go there of student in person especially if you only have one here and there's so many that i was roaming around in the surround right. after announcing plans to change the constitution in order to strip white farmers of their land some south african politicians are looking for more black emancipation in the country a new party has made headlines after banning whites and foreigners from ever becoming members of policy or reports after the death of nelson mandela there has
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been an increase in racial politics and incitement here in south africa and now as the country starts preparing for elections to be held at the beginning of next year one new party has emerged that's only for black people the massive african congress says that its goal is to restore the ideals of african people it's gone as far as to say our membership is not open to anything that looks white this is a far cry from how mandela saw the rainbow nation you have to look to it in the cities in so i don't think it's a good concept i don't think it's something that will work here though going backwards obviously i just like that to show you know the new south africa most parties are fighting for is unity in south africa but not having a party that takes only black people sort of like promotes racism it's become popular in south africa particularly among the white community to talk about reverse racism in other words discrimination against white people whereas once
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people of color would deny jobs education and political power the tables have now turned and many whites complain of being overlooked because of black economic empowerment policies ironically many south africans once felt they were not well. not today those who feel the not black enough. japanese. spoke to the leader of the political party just mentioned in paula's report he told me that his party aims to restore historical justice in south africa. south africa really need some kind of a social change especially the native people of our lives and decide to realities that. people in south africa didn't lend less this time they are people of south africa still. in time and we believe that south africa needs a massive shift from the colonial system that seeks to deprive a native child of. the long dreams like the. economy
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where we understand your country is about to allow taking land from white farmers with no compensation it's not such a good idea because when you think about what's been happening in nearby zimbabwe the country began to decline after a very similar measure taking the land away from white farmers but then the people who the land was given to they didn't bother to work the land we believe that their government of south africa hasn't. paid to the native people of our land to where they live in the end or so it should we should stress this point that land is not only. is. mostly that should the people ownership of the land they want to work you'd better you only see you for the. people used to feed from that they used to plough from that lynn is
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just that we need to to modernize our mentality our around agriculture so that we can compete in the commercial space of our culture this is our international thank you very much for sharing. time with us here on of the program we are back soon with a much. first . post of the closed out storm door to show don't google so dodgy was only just fast thanks. to my how much custom have tried to hush. us to tell you. that person. they will run
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a full boat for our eight day detail rarely get to last digit does but there is some some standing but as the shin you know well i was denied that i knew which one must look to. be it was related so we. removed it they were in the. church i mean that was the last bruising us general. to thomas was the mona lisa smile as. i've been saying the numbers mean something they did matter the us has over one trillion dollars in debt more than ten like her timestamping each day. eighty five percent of the global wealth you loan to be sold for the rich eight point six
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percent market saw a thirty percent rise was just some with one hundred to five hundred three per second per second and bitcoin rose to twenty thousand dollars. china's building two point one billion dollars a i industrial park but don't let the numbers overwhelm. the only numbers you need to remember is one one business show you can't afford to miss the one and only boom bust. manufacture consent to public wealth. when the ruling class is protect themselves. with the famous.
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i am asked as here this is the kaiser report that's not out to zero if it was i would throw shoes at the camera i might hit the camera and massive damage or the camera man and then a frame let's see i. see that kind of excitement you know get everywhere. anyway actually that's an important point coming forward in this about the shoe throwing because of course remember we invaded iraq and soon after that and we went in declare victory and everything was all ok some guy in the audience there in front of george w. bush threw a shoe at let's say other than it. is a guy remember george w. this is talk america and the guy we're going to. close. well we
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got insurance that's going to come up in this story because it's a very important point about the hierarchy of needs but we're going to start with this tweet here from the washington post's jeff stein and he's pointing to a remarkable fact from a piece from the atlantic dot com he being jeff bezos needs to spend roughly twenty eight million dollars a day just to keep from accumulating more wealth the atlantic article he points to is jeff bezos one hundred fifty billion dollars fortune is a policy failure growing inequality in the united states shows that the game is rigged bezos collects of very small salary and pays only capital gains max and yet amazon also paid zero federal tax last year and it's spent twenty million dollars a day to avoid paying federal taxes just to prevent himself from accumulating more
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wealth so just on his he's earning twenty more than twenty million dollars a day well i mean he's got a a monopoly position and he is milking that monopoly quite aggressively but nobody can compete with them you know warren buffett's. never never give so i'm like jeff. bezos a seven year head start wal-mart they're now trying to train their overworked low paid associates to make deliveries after. or work on their way home that's their solution to just because. they're basically mimicking his model where many have already talked about it we're not going to discuss that today but where his workers are underpaid and also basically abuse their bathroom breaks if you know they've got a hernia it's on a bathroom break because you had to do it fast and they're like i was severely you
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know constipated earlier and i didn't get a hernia that i found relief though that's what the carnivora diet will do to you that's a jimmy song told me i'm going to see jimmy song i'm going to have it to talk about this i don't feel right but as importantly the atlantic. themselves refer to it as that this is the game is rigged and kaiser report of course has said this for the past ten years here and then we get like shunned by the us media who are now saying yeah ok basically kaiser report was right all of this jeff bezos wealth happened under both democrat and republican administrations where this wealth and income gap grow so i want to point to their right where jeff bezos wealth comes from the whole east coast the pacific west coast. i think i might have said east coast at first but i meant the west coast and it says east coast west coast reminds
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me to pack and biggie you know they had a serious war going on and you know two back was murdered so this is jeff bezos over on the west coast it's the new form of affordable housing more people are living in their cars with rents on the rise cities are grappling with a growing population of quote this peculiar homelessness a way of life considered illegal in many places across the west coast just in the past year twenty thousand more people joined the ranks of these homeless without any sort of shelter and not even in. homo shelters so they're living in their cars or the living on the streets in downtown san francisco los angeles portland or seattle but what i want to point to regarding what you had started off the show by throwing i remember you are a member of distinctly and i'm out of shoes i only have two feet i can't do it again and the point is why did we invade iraq because i'm going to get into that
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after this quote this is a quote from sarah rankin a professor at seattle university of law and she says what do we do with people whose basic physiological needs are not being met like what i was referring to earlier about constipation exactly when in fact she said goes on to say when we think about people who are living in their vehicles are they able to sleep eat poop and breathe safely we have to start asking what needs to be done so what it will mean to me to ask the question as jeff bezos would do you go to amazon dot com and you can get a vehicular model that has a poop attachment right there in the vehicle oil yeah toilet exactly so precisely went to the toilet it's right there in the vehicle so you know and it's got a layaway plan so if you're amazon prime you know he'll ship it to you by drone and you can be living in your poop o.b.l. in the next twenty hours he'll make another you know billion dollars and life is
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great in america so you know he let's give credit where credit is due so here's an economy where jeff bezos earned over fifty billion dollars this year alone in the first six months of this year to put that into context jack ma is worth less than what. jeff bezos earned just this year so that's the context of how much this guy is earning a one year in the meantime the entire west coast where he and his resistance or it's like remember jeff bezos owns the washington post where democracy dies in darkness and the resistance is strong and yet where they control much of the economy people are living in cars and you know these sort of professors at seattle university are concerned about where these people are pooping but the fact that this you meant a physiological needs reminded me of mass knows mass los hierarchy of needs this is the bottom most basic need physiological needs above that is safety of
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course our government says that's their only concern is our safety and that's why we have a trillion dollar defense budget and homeland security and t.s.a. who apparently follow americans all over the place but that's another story and then above that is love belonging esteem and self actualization love to yes or no. more along the muffin. hierarchy i mean you know it's like getting their physiological needs met julian assange over there that was i don't remember city if he dies journalism dies it julie and we all die a little bit we are all julia in a song. keep that in mind sucker but the point is i want to talk about is that massless hierarchy of needs and here are thousands and tens of thousands of people americans on the west coast who can't who cannot meet those basic needs now my sources tell me that masses hierarchy of needs that chart there
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is used by our u.s. intelligence agencies ok member number two is defense and safety right that our own us intelligence agencies use that chart when looking at when to start to topple or coup other governments so if like haiti when when haitians were eating mud pies that's a good time to overthrow their government and installed our own and never let a crisis go to waste obviously our elites are not stupid obviously these journalists and people on cable news shouting know that these hierarchy of needs and that is the logic that jeff bezos has a war on people that there are no logical need is being exploited by the corporation and the largest monopoly because he ends up putting these people in these highly stressed positions know what i'm saying is the breakdown that we're witnessing and that you and i have been talking about here and kaiser report for
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the past year is that what they know they know those if those basic physiological needs are not being met that leaves the entire economy and political system vulnerable and they know that because that's how they look at all their political systems so they know we're vulnerable because of that so that's why they're coming up with all these that's why there's a genuine panic when you look at cable news it is genuine panic and i think this is part of it oh you mean we're all palestinians hey you know it's. you know safety is number two but that's obviously wrong because number two should be why five you know that is definitely needed and also what is at the top self actualization that's very karl you know. when is that i mean this well a lot of psychobabble who wrote this like some academic princeton grad student now that's from decades ago but the point is obviously like once your basic physiological needs are met once you can sleep and eat and poop then you start to
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think about ok how do i make my house safer how do i make my economy or my community safe and then you then you're concerned about love and you see that across the world like you know the whole fact that we have these trigger warnings and safe rooms here and that's a very high need like that's a an economy in a culture where that everything is already taken care of for a certain sector of people so they have so to most of the world they look crazy because they're still worried about where they're going to put that and i think about philosophy that wasn't almost invented by descartes who simply you know got this entire pyramid chart down to i think therefore i am and that was all people had to go on for hundreds of years you know during the whole history of philosophy well now act a little fricken pyramid that's being exploited by terrorists like jeff bezos who's milking the system and buying influential newspapers and bribing politicians and creating it dystopian nightmare people living in their cars so that he can be like
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he has more money than he would ever mean with it doesn't want to do it all i mean it's like he's horny he's a hoarder there's people who are phone books in their apartment and they just they can't live there anymore because there's nothing but phone books this guy is like just around he's hoarding cash is nothing to do with it he's just a hoarder i want to quickly turn to the last headline which i think ties together all of those growing wealth gap between young and old remember jeff bezos newspaper washington post says democracy dies in darkness and one thing you could say about democracy is you know the more vote you have the more you win and the more you gain and we've seen the baby boomers turning sixty five as of what two or three years ago and this growing wealth and income gap is really down to age so they said that elderly house. olds have much greater wealth in child households which is to be expected because older households have had more time to accumulate wealth the trouble lies in the growing gap between the two types of households in one thousand nine hundred eighty nine elderly households had a median net worth that was approximately three point.

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